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The go-to Job Board and Candidate Pool in the Federal Information Technology space

GovGig helps you find jobs, publish available jobs, and find talent quickly.

GovGig for Job Seekers
For Job Seekers

The premier destination for you to search and find new and exciting Federal opportunities and connect with excellent employers.

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GovGig for Employers
For Employers

The go-to place to find talent to hire and post your open jobs for our qualified talent pool, so you can scale up your projects.

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What is GovGig?

GovGig is a collection of premier destinations and services optimized for speed, to save you time and effort and quickly fill the critical positions necessary for Federal projects.

GovGig for Job Seekers provides the ideal job board for open Federal contracting positions, able to be viewed on any device in any location at any time.

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GovGig for Employers is a place where Contractors come to staff mission critical open positions, maximizing their speed to acquire human capital.

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GovGig Academy trains and equips candidates for success in their careers, and helps Contractors improve in working with Federal and State governments.

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The marketplace to find & staff Federal jobs

GovGig dramatically simplifies the continual challenge of finding jobs and finding qualified talent.

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