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GovGig is a community of professionals who have years of experience working on Federal contracts.

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Should it be hard to work in Federal contracting?

Contractors, are you struggling to:

Search for and find quality candidates?

Manage the screening process for your open roles?

Connect with quality strategic partners with knowledge specific to complex Federal contracts?

As a team with years of Federal construction contracting experience, we've built GovGig to connect candidates and employers for Federal contracts, so that quality candidates can land their next, meaningful gigs, and excellent employers can easily find them.

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Our Experts, Your Industry

GovGig's job board, recruiting, and direct staffing services focus on these industries:


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Information Technology

Physical Security

How GovGig Works

GovGig is the place for employers, contractors, and recruiters to display and promote your job openings to qualified and pre-vetted candidates who are looking for work.

1. Post jobs to the GovGig job board.

Quickly post jobs to our community so your job can be seen by the pool of professional candidates.

Image: Job board and map

2. Search on candidates and invite them to apply.

Find talent in our focused, pre-screened collection of candidates. Unlike general job boards, our candidates are specific to your industry.

Image: Search candidates and invite

3. Review candidates and select the candidates to hire.

Select the excellent candidates that meet your qualifications and hire them, so you can quickly ramp up your projects.

Image: Review a candidate and select one to hire

Multiple Ways to Play.

We have a couple of main options for staffing your jobs, as well as other professional services. Please reach out if you need a custom solution.

Self-Service Job Posts

Take control to easily add job posts to the job board and manage your candidate flow.

Use our fast workflow tools to get your job posts published to the job board.

Invite, and receive applications from, our pre-vetted and pre-qualified candidates.

Save time and money with our platform of high-quality candidates, versus those other general platforms full of unqualified candidates.

Recruiting Services

If you need a viable candidate fast, consider our Recruiting Services, where we manage the recruiting process on your behalf.

We help you craft the perfect job posts with detailed descriptions for your audience.

We quickly identify, attract and screen qualified Candidates who hit all position requirements.

We verify the Candidate resumes and information, present them to you, and set up your interviews.

Professional Services

We offer many other services to help you in Federal contracting.

We can help you with you Requests for Equitable Adjustment (REA).

We offer help on other reports, such as Time Impact Analysis.

We have experts in a range of Federal contracting efforts, ask us about a custom set of services!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does GovGig work for Contractors?


  • Register with GovGig to see the full details of the talent available to you.
  • Select the Talent Categories you are looking and zoom into a specific location (map).
  • Browse the profiles, view the credentials, read the history and scan the certifications for the qualified professionals.
  • Choose your compensation plan for the Candidates you are interested in.
  • Make connections to the Candidate and sell them on your opportunity.
  • Hire them and get your project onto the fast track of success and profitability!

Q: What kinds of candidates are in GovGig?

A: Candidates who have worked in the Federal contracting profession in the past, and who have obtained the required certifications and background checks and are in good standing. These include Safety Officers, Project Managers, Executives, and other professionals.

Q: What kinds of qualifications do candidates have?

A: Our vetted candidates are ensured to meet the specifications of your contract. Typically, our professionals have one or multiple University degrees with several years of experience and have the necessary certificates required by most Federal contracts. If a candidate does not have normative degrees, they will often have ample acceptable experience to match required specifications.

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