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Introduction to Federal Construction Contract Management

An introduction to the basics and fundamentals of federal construction contracting.



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Introduction to Federal Construction Contract Management, colloquially referred to as "Fed Con 101", is a high-level snapshot of several key areas within the sphere of contracting with the Federal Government, specifically with regard to construction projects.  It explores first how to become federally registered to actually do business with the Federal Government as a construction contractor.  The course teaches about the various roles and responsibilities of key project management staff as well some common correspondence and communication specific to a project.  Of course, one of the most important governing documents is the Federal Acquisition Regulation or FAR.  In this course are several commonly used and sometimes misunderstood FAR clauses and directives.  Lastly, Fed Con 101 will discuss calculating and applying both Field and Home Office Overhead as well as highlight the slight difference between profit markup and profit margin.