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All GovGig Academy Courses

REAs & Claims

The fundamentals of and the fundamental differences between Requests for Equitable Adjustment (REAs) and Claims.

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Introduction to Federal Construction Contract Management

An introduction to the basics and fundamentals of federal construction contracting.

Wide Area Workflow (WAWF)

A brief overview of Wide Area Workflow (WAWF) and its importance.

Resume Writing for Federal Construction Jobs

Compiling and completing a resume specifically for Federal construction jobs.

Contract Modifications

A complete overview of contract modifications as they pertain to projects for the Federal Government.

Federal Socio-Economic Certifications

An overview of the various Small Business Administration certifications available to Federal contractors.

Overhead & Profit

A deeper dive into how to calculate and apply the different types of overhead costs as well as profit mark-up and profit margin.

Steps to a Federal Contract

This course is a complete overview of what it takes to be awarded a Federal contract.

Construction Damages 101

The processes of identifying, analyzing, and calculating construction damages.

Roles & Responsibilities

How key project personnel play their roles in accomplishing the mission.