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Roles & Responsibilities

How key project personnel play their roles in accomplishing the mission.



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During this session we’ll talk about the minimum staffing to get the project rolling: The Project Manager and what are sometimes called “The Big 3” --- the Site Superintendent, the Site Safety & Health Officer (SSHO), and the Quality Control Manager (QC Manager).  We’ll also look at our supporting cast members.  We’ll look at the Project Engineer who might also work as an Assistant Project Manager.  We’ll discuss the Scheduler and the Estimator who might be subcontractors to your company, or you might have in-house Schedulers and Estimators who work on all your projects.  Lastly, we’ll look at a more senior and experienced role, the Senior Project Manager who might also be the company Operations Manager. How you define the roles and responsibilities of the Senior Project Manager is totally up to how the company functions as a whole.