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Overhead & Profit

A deeper dive into how to calculate and apply the different types of overhead costs as well as profit mark-up and profit margin.



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A detailed look at the differences between Direct and Indirect Costs, and how they factor in to coming up with our Home Office Overhead (HOOH) and Field Office Overhead (FOOH).  The different Factors of Consideration when calculating our FOOH as well as the different Methods of Selection for how we input our values of both Field and Home Office Overhead into our overall cost estimate and the Advantages & Disadvantages of each method.  Rules of the Road when calculating our Overhead values to include some potential Stumbles, Trips, & Falls.  What’s the difference between our “Profit Markup” and our “Profit Margin”?  How do we find that sweet spot that’s not too steep where no one will want to do business with us, but not too little so we actually do make a profit and continue to run a successful business?